Graffiti Removal in Melbourne, VIC

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Quick Graffiti Removal Services

At 360 Pressure Cleaning, we've been lending our pressure washing expertise to those in need of stain, grime and graffiti removal for many years.

Unlike commissioned street art, graffiti can look unsightly and messy and, unfortunately, attempting to cover it up with paint can look sloppy or rough. Before you start thinking about repainting the area, get in touch with our team of power cleaners.

We'll arrive on time with the right tools to wash unwanted paint and graffiti from your walls and fences.

Our services:
  • Brick cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Acid washing
  • Pressure house washing
  • Paving cleaning
  • Servicing all Melbourne
Graffiti Removal West Melbourne VIC

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products


Efficient Graffiti Removal

Whether it's on your fence, brick wall, concrete path or window, graffiti is rarely a welcomed addition to your home or building.

While an inconvenience, graffiti is relatively easy to get rid of and is often removed using a pressure cleaner and water. As there tends to be no use for chemicals, this process is safe and can be accomplished with little risk to the brick or concrete. Despite the simplicity, a professional should always be contacted to ensure no damage is done to the area being cleaned.

Our team knows exactly which technique and PSI is required to remove graffiti and other stains without compromising the surface under the paint.

Graffiti Removal West Melbourne VIC

Fast and efficient graffiti removal


Call us and let our professionals handle your graffiti removal!

We will completely remove graffiti from your property. Give us a call!

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